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Words are not my strong suit!
That’s why I use my camera to tell a story.

From the time I moved out of my parent’s house, my camera has been documenting my life’s moments. While living in Banff for 5 years, my photos kept my family in the loop. Everything from skydiving to spring skiing in shorts was documented in the images that told the story better than any of my words ever could.

Once I got back to Montreal, my passion for photography evolved. Not only would I use it as a means for documenting events, but eventually as a medium for art and design as I pursued my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design at Concordia University.

When I graduated (with distinction I might add…), I joined up with two fellow graduates and formed Red Button Studio. The three of us complimented each other in our diverse skills, with illustration and programming being my partners’ fortes and photography most definitely mine. Together, we were a force to be reckoned with: We did projects for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, Concordia University, and Maidor Jewelry, just to name a few.

But as our personal lives moved in different directions (for me it was starting a family), I took a full-time position working as a Graphic Artist and Photographer, developing new products and packaging. While the daily routine of a “9-to-5” worked, my true passion for photography continued to develop and photographing events became the most fulfilling part of my workday.

I thrive on the energy that comes from a celebration. What I love is being able to stand back and capture the candid expressions of family, friends, and colleagues having the greatest time, without feeling the pressure of the camera. While I still find myself saying, “Smile for the camera,” catching those honest expressions and genuine moments of life’s most cherished events has become what I am most known for.

I would love to share my passion of photography with you and the important people in your life. Be it at your annual family photo session in the park or at your next milestone celebration, which you’ve dreamed about and planned to the last detail, trust me to capture the moments and document a story you will treasure forever.